Dream Big Models

In Rm 5 we have been making models for the dream big program. My model is a tree house because I want to have tree houses in the new school. I made my model out of a shoe box, bits of card and a cardboard roll.
Me and my buddy, Alexia painted the shoe box green on the bottom and sides so it looked like leaves.

This is Alexia's persuasive writing; 

I think the tree house is  a good idea because it would be a cool place to work because it is quiet and it would be a great collaborative place because you could work with friends. Also the teacher could send videos and more work to the kids through the TV.

This is my persuasive writing;
I think we should have tree houses because they are amazing quiet places to learn and work. It will also not cost much because we can use recycled materials. I personally think this will be a good idea to have tree houses with this design. We also decided to place trampolines near so students may also get exercise in break times.
These are our reasons for having tree houses in our future school.
This is my model

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