Pet Day

          On pet day we had to go out onto the field for the parade. the parade included a lot of dogs walking around the coned area my class kept walking forward so the teacher had to keep calling us back. It started to rain and we soon had to move along to the hall. In the hall there were a lot of tables with animals on them. I saw birds, fish and even a turtle! I had fun on pet day and I want to do it again.

Dream big-Finished Model!

After the celebration of learning, we took our model and presentation back to the classroom.
This is what it looks like...
our model is a tree house

Me and Alexia were proud of our work and were happy that it got to be shown in the hall foyer during the celebration of learning.
I personally think everyone's models are amazing and are incredibly happy with how ours turned out.

Dream Big Models

In Rm 5 we have been making models for the dream big program. My model is a tree house because I want to have tree houses in the new school. I made my model out of a shoe box, bits of card and a cardboard roll.
Me and my buddy, Alexia painted the shoe box green on the bottom and sides so it looked like leaves.

This is Alexia's persuasive writing; 

I think the tree house is  a good idea because it would be a cool place to work because it is quiet and it would be a great collaborative place because you could work with friends. Also the teacher could send videos and more work to the kids through the TV.

This is my persuasive writing;
I think we should have tree houses because they are amazing quiet places to learn and work. It will also not cost much because we can use recycled materials. I personally think this will be a good idea to have tree houses with this design. We also decided to place trampolines near so students may also get exercise in break times.
These are our reasons for having tree houses in our future school.
This is my model

Persuasive Writing

 in class we have been learning about persuasive writing. 
Persuasive writing this is my writing
the main goal is to persuade Mrs Trotter to think about our ideas about changing Oaklands.

RIO 2016 olympics

WALT: understand how the Olympic values are demonstrated in Rio.

we have been learning about the summer Olympics 2016. we have also been learning about the Olympic values, we compared our C.A.R.E. values with the Olympic values and found that they were quite similar.

Oakland's values: Community, Active Thinking,Respect and Excellence.

Olympic values:Respect, Excellence and Friendship.

The Olympic value of respect has three parts respect for the rules respect for others and respect for yourself
the Olympic value of excellence has use excellence for you Excellence for others and excellence for the rules  friendship has not got three parts because friendship is for others. For example a kiwi and a american were racing in a sprint race and they both tripped but then they helped each other up and finished the race. They were really showing Olympic spirit.

My Collage

WALT: Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.
I can identify several animals from species groups and the habitats they live in. I can give reasons why they live in this group. I can give reasons why they live in this habitat. I can look at these animals and habitats in a new way by showing my understanding through the art of collage and a written description. 

My collage shows the forest habitat and kiwi,fantail,kakapo,tuatara and monarch butterfly.

the rugby world cup                                                  CANADA

Did you know?

  1. the rugby world cup captain was Jamie Cudmore.
  2. the capital of canada is ottawa
  3. the population of canada is 35.16 million
  4. the largest city in canada is toronto 
  5. in canada they speak english and french