the rugby world cup                                                  CANADA

Did you know?

  1. the rugby world cup captain was Jamie Cudmore.
  2. the capital of canada is ottawa
  3. the population of canada is 35.16 million
  4. the largest city in canada is toronto 
  5. in canada they speak english and french 


In art we are doing zentangles this means you draw a animal then you can draw loads of small pictures with lots of detail in it  and it's so much fun I am making a bunny and I think it's pretty cool every morning I go to school and work on it.

My Music

The cello is a very difficult instrument to play.Hopefully you like it.


My Strand Maths

In strand maths we are learning the mass of different objects.We used different scales. First we thought
about what the object weighed. Next we took turns at the scales and found out if our guesses were
close. Mine were pretty close apart from the time I thought a ball was when it was one.
After a few days Mrs baker (the teacher who's teaching us) decided we should measure the ingredients 
for lolly cake and make some for class tomorrow we were split into groups of five I was with
Marcus, Devon,Harry,Annabell and Jessica we were given a choice to make our cake as a log
 or a few small balls(we chose the log)here are the ingredients 
  • 60.g eskimos
  • 120.g malt biscuits
  • 100.g condensed milk
  • a sprinkle of coconut
  • 60.g butter
 it was a lot of fun making it but once we finished it looked more like dog food than lolly cake.
Oops!  Mrs baker then picked a few people to help her carry the cake to the staff room
to put in the frig I got to.(It didn't smell to good either)but the coconut covered the smell
pretty well.

My Monster Story

                                                              The Monster

One night I was in bed.Then I heard a scraping sound.I felt scared but I knew screaming would not
help.I slowly crept out of bed, put on my soft bunny slippers and grabbed a torch from my bedside 
table. I slowly crept out of my room and down the stairs. I then tiptoed to the kitchen "robbers I 
thought! Or even bandits! I didn't know. Maybe Monsters, but nobody believes in monsters.
Then a wave of relief washed over me as I heard the familiar swish swish swish of a tail.
 It was no monster at all it was my dog fluffy. Then I stared in horror. The kitchen was a big mess 
of cookies, muffins and all the food you could ever eat!Oh no fluffy mum and dad are going to kill me if I just leave this but I go back to the morning I explained to mum and dad and we all helped to clean up looks like fluffy was my monster.