My Monster Story

                                                              The Monster

One night I was in bed.Then I heard a scraping sound.I felt scared but I knew screaming would not
help.I slowly crept out of bed, put on my soft bunny slippers and grabbed a torch from my bedside 
table. I slowly crept out of my room and down the stairs. I then tiptoed to the kitchen "robbers I 
thought! Or even bandits! I didn't know. Maybe Monsters, but nobody believes in monsters.
Then a wave of relief washed over me as I heard the familiar swish swish swish of a tail.
 It was no monster at all it was my dog fluffy. Then I stared in horror. The kitchen was a big mess 
of cookies, muffins and all the food you could ever eat!Oh no fluffy mum and dad are going to kill me if I just leave this but I go back to the morning I explained to mum and dad and we all helped to clean up looks like fluffy was my monster.

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